Javascript Obfuscator

Obfuscating code is a way to hide sensitive information in an application so that it cannot be easily read by others. This is useful for protecting intellectual property, preventing theft of ideas, and keeping secrets safe.

An effective and cost-free JavaScript obfuscator (including support of ES2022). Make your code more difficult to duplicate in order to stop work theft. This utility has a great Web UI (and open source).

what is Javascript Obfuscator?

With the help of this programme, your original JavaScript source code is changed into a new version that is more difficult to comprehend, copy, reuse, and edit without permission. The functionality of the original code will be preserved in the obfuscated product.

How does the obfuscation work?

Your source code is changed by a series of transformations, such as renaming variables, functions, and arguments, removing strings, and others, but it still functions as it did before.



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